Pellet therapy uses hormones to replicate hormonal levels.


At the age of 30, men start to lose their testosterone at a rate between 3% and 10% every year.  “Andropause” is what current medical research defines as the male equivalent to menopause.  Testosterone deficiency issues have been ignored for years, but now it’s time for men to take control of the way they age.  Using natural testosterone, BioTE® bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets give you all the benefits of hormone replacement therapy without the negative effects involved when using synthetic products.



When men suffer from hormonal imbalance, they often find themselves exhibiting lack of mental sharpness, fatigue, loss of sex drive, difficulties during sex (including trouble achieving or maintaining an erection), weight gain, irritability, and even depression. 

If you suspect that you may be suffering from any of the above symptoms, it is imperative that you contact a Hormone Replacement Therapy physician to discuss your condition.


In recent years, hormonal needs for men have garnered attention across the country.  Still, only minimal treatment options are available for men.  Many of these treatment options have shown to fluctuate testosterone levels throughout the day, which results in mood swings and inconsistent energy levels for the patient. 


BioTE® hormone replacement pellets provide constant and sustained testosterone levels throughout your entire day.  Moreover, these pellets achieve these results every day, for a period of four to six months.  This will keep your mood and energy at consistent, manageable levels.  Since BioTE® is made with natural testosterone, there have only been a few reported side effects, all of which are minor or treatable.  Take control of your life today, and call Vitality Aesthetics to schedule your free consultation.



Does testosterone cause prostate cancer?

No.  Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estrone, the metabolites of testosterone, cause prostate enlargement and can potentially contribute to prostate cancer.  As men age and gain belly fat, estrone increases and testosterone decreases.  The only replacement that can reverse this is found in testosterone pellets.


What if my body converts the testosterone pellets into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estrone?

Your blood levels of DHT and estrone should be checked after treatments to see if they have been elevated by the treatment.  If the pellets are in fact converting to these metabolites, we can troubleshoot by using other natural supplements like Saw Palmetto, DIM, or even an aromatase inhibitor prescription.


What if my prostate is currently enlarged or enlarging?

Testosterone pellets will make this issue better, assuming you are not converting the testosterone to DHT.  If this occurs, we will treat it according to the steps detailed above.


Will my testicles shrink while I take the testosterone pellets?

Yes.  The testicles are suppressed when you take any type of testosterone supplement.  Additionally, the testicles will not be making as much testosterone for the working duration of the pellets.  Rest assured that this is not permanent, and the testicle always retains its ability to create testosterone. 


For more questions about BioTE® Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets For Men, see the website for BioTE® Medical.