Stop dieting. Start living.

At Vitality Aesthetics, you are the focus of every treatment and plan.  Your life is neither predictable nor inflexible.  Why should your weight loss solutions be?  Our experts will create a comprehensive and educational solution that is completely customized to your needs and goals.  We ensure that your plan will seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle so that you maintain total flexibility and control.  Remember, flexibility is the key to TLS, which is why it has worked for so many different people.


How TLS Works

TLS works because of how diverse the treatment plan is.  For example, the TLS Weight Loss Solution plan considers your body composition in designing a plan that includes supplementation, education, and low-glycemic impact eating.  Our plans will encompass everything that you will need to reach your weight loss goals and start living your new, healthy lifestyle.


What You’ll Eat

As previously mentioned, our plans include low-GI (Glycemic Index) foods.  The program focuses on the quality of the food that you are eating, not the quantity.  This is simply because good, wholesome foods will help make you lean while also providing the energy necessary to function effectively.  When you control the GI of your food, you promote healthy blood sugar levels.  More importantly, you enable your body to constantly operate in “fat-burning” mode.  The foods you will eat will make you feel alert, productive, and energized.  Plus, every meal gets you closer to your weight loss goals.


Body Composition

One of your goals should be to achieve a healthy body composition.  TLS makes this possible by focusing on the loss of body fat to increase your muscle-to-fat ratio.  It is important to be losing fat (and not muscle) since your muscle mass dictates metabolism.  We’ll set you up with a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, exercise plans, and even tips on how to measure your body accurately.


Weight Loss Supplements

We offer a variety of supplements through TLS that have been scientifically formulated to address specific processes in your body.  Every formula serves a different purpose, whether its combating functions that cause you to gain weight, or fighting off functions that prevent you from losing weight.  These supplements are only a part of the plan and are intended to amplify your other weight loss efforts.



As mentioned above, the TLS Weight Loss Solution system places emphasis on both the mind and body to ensure that your results are sustainable in the long-term.  It is impossible to change to a healthy lifestyle without the necessary education to maintain that desired lifestyle.  At Vitality Aesthetics, we’ll ensure that you have all the education you need to make a lasting chance in your life.  With materials such as the TLS Health Guide and Journal, your FREE Weight Loss Profile (explained below), social media support groups, and educational video content, you are sure to succeed and reach your goals!


Weight Loss Profile

A pivotal portion of your plan, the Weight Loss Profile is a comprehensive questionnaire aimed at creating the perfect, customized plan for your specific situation.  It uses a sophisticated algorithm to formulate a unique weight loss plan based off your answers to a series of questions.  These questions deal with your weight loss goals, physical activity, lifestyle, habits, and nutrition.  The completed plan will contain recommendations for exercise, supplementation, and nutrition that correlates to your personal needs and goals.